Friendship ~ Heritage ~ Philanthropy

About Us

Friendship ~ Heritage ~ Philanthropy

Mission Statement

Sicilian Sisterhood, LLC shall be a social women’s club shaped around Sicilian heritage and a love for sharing this beautiful heritage for all to enjoy. Our family of friendship will be formed through the strong bonds women share and built through:

Friendship ~ Heritage ~ Philanthropy


Sicilian Sisterhood, LLC was founded in April 2018. The Club shall gather monthly to celebrate Sicilian heritage. Sicilian women are connected by their rituals and by their values. At some point along the way, they become sisters. Sisterhood is not a bond that forms overnight. The purpose of our Club is to develop long lasting friendships and acceptance of one-another through heritage, social and philanthropic activities. Working together and spending special moments with each other will forge a bond as strong as sisterhood.

Sicilian Sisterhood, LLC

Sorellanza Siciliana

Executive Board


Marlo Ann Cortese

Vice President

Rose Guthridge


Shirley Battaglia


Gerri Balbiani


Linda Marino

Club Directors

Health & Welfare

Angela Fagiano


Mary Pat Cook

Culture & Heritage

Tonette Slaviero


 Debra Miele 

Social Events - Inside

Gerri Balbiani

Social Events - Outside

Chrissie Amos